Evening Penguin Tour

Let us Book you a tour to see the “evening penguin parade”

Behind the feathered facade of our tuxedo-ed Tasmanian Penguins is one of the most delightfully charismatic creatures. Their notorious curiosity, waddling walk & comical body language never fail to charm. They are like no other bird, swim instead of fly & spend most of their lives at sea and depend upon land for breeding.

Rather than watch a documentary stay with us and we can book you a tour that leaves from our reception with our local penguin tour guide company. You will get to see Penguin colonies in real life!

Phone 03 6375 1111. Get in quick to secure your spot, tickets sell out fast.

Adults $40 Children $20



Great Eastern Drive

Experience one of Australia’s greatest road trips.

This is a true journey of discovery that will lead you to the best-loved places and experiences of Tasmania’s east coast region. Here, every turn unveils a new view to take your breath away, and a new invitation to stop and explore. In this road trip itinerary we show you what’s on offer from south to north, or if you prefer from north to south. Just choose and shape an adventure to suit you.